Monday, April 03, 2006

Week 1

A few things I've learned in my first week at my new job:

1. Wearing flip flops a slightly less attractive idea when one has to walk half a mile to work from the parking lot. Uphill. Both ways.

2. Bribery with M&Ms not effective in securing a closer parking spot. Same for offer to be their best friend.

3. In Los Angeles, distance is a poor indicator of travel time. I now drive half the distance every morning in the exact same amount of time.

4. Sitting within 20 feet of someone else who has the same name as you and a bunch of vocal friends who like to say it a lot really blows.

5. You haven't felt cool until you've gotten a computer with two monitors. I can only look at one at a time, but my God, just think of how much time I've saved by only having to minimize and maximize different windows about half the time.

6. Packing all my decorations and stuff into a box on the last day of my old job really expedited process of decorating barren cubicle at new job.

7. If a group of people are standing around the open door to what appears to be a supply closet, do not duck in and stare vacantly at shelves that contain no office supplies and then ask where the supplies are. Much simpler to simply ask before making a fool of oneself.

8. Tearing open first paycheck and cackling with glee frowned upon.

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