Friday, July 28, 2006

Normally I'd stay away from the Dilbert blog as a matter of principle (and I still maintain that I was tricked into clicking on the link by its being referred to as Scott Adams' blog, and I'm ok with acknowledging that I didn't know who Scott Adams was until today), and government-bashing doesn't really appeal to me, but I thought this post was just too dead-on to ignore. Excerpt:
My favorite conspiracy theory is the one that says the world is being run by a handful of ultra-rich capitalists, and that our elected governments are mere puppets. I sure hope it’s true. Otherwise my survival depends on hordes of clueless goobers electing competent leaders.

The only way I can get to sleep at night is by imagining a secret cabal of highly competent puppetmasters who are handling the important decisions while our elected politicians debate flag burning and the definition of marriage.
Read the whole thing here.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Random link of the day

There are things that make you chuckle, and there are things that make you laugh, and then there are things that make you laugh so hard it actually starts to sound more like crying. (Please note: this is much more likely to happen when one works in a quiet office and is trying to suppress normal laughter, lest one's coworkers get the impression that one is not actually working and is instead surfing the internet, reading favorite blogs, and watching Ask a Ninja videos on YouTube.) And I was sent a link to something that falls into that latter category: an entry on Bloggy McBlogalot. Funny blog name. Even funnier post. It defies reason. But I still have tears in my eyes.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ask a Ninja

I think I'm a little behind on discovering the awesomeness of Ask a Ninja, but that's no reason not to share it with other poor souls who have been in the dark until now. In particular, Ask an Animated Ninja, and Ninja Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Review.

And, while unrelated, this is hilarious too.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Goldman Sachs vs. Goldman Sex

I'm not sure this story about Goldman Sachs suing is really a good example of common sense, both on the part of the plaintiff and on the part of the consumers supposedly confused by the names of these two entities. Chances are that anyone dumb enough to mistake one for the other is not bright enough to even know what Goldman Sachs does. I highly doubt they're losing a lot of potential clients this way.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Viva Mexico!

Am off to Mexico for the weekend to overimbibe on tequila (cuz, you know, if you do it there you're 'experiencing the local culture') and just generally enjoy chilling with friends, the beach, reading a book about pirates instead of just seeing a movie about them, Friday southbound traffic on the 405, etc. Should be a hoot.

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