Monday, February 14, 2005


The best thing about travel, and the experiences you remember from traveling around, are the firsts. Usually the first time you've been somewhere, done something, seen something, insert-a-verb-here something. I was only meant to spend about 8 hours in Brisbane with my original schedule, and ended up extending it to 28 so I could finish my dive course in Cairns. And it's a good thing, too, because I had a blast. My list of firsts for Brisbane:
  • The first time I'd seen the college friend I'd stayed with, Rebecca, in several years
  • The first time on this trip someone's actually met me when I arrived (voluntarily, that is... a guy with a sign met me at the airport in Bali, and that was pretty cool, but I had to pay him ten bucks to do it and I don't see myself getting nostalgic about that at a later date)
  • The first home-cooked meal since I left
  • The first time I've ever managed to mess up hard-boiled eggs
  • The first time I thought drinking at a bar was too expensive
  • The first time I went to the bottle shop next door to the bar for a bottle of wine because of the above economic assessment
  • The first time I've evaluated wines according to whether their tops are cork or screw-off
  • The first time I've smuggled said wine into a bar
  • The first time I've really appreciated the size of my purse
  • The first time I've gone to the bathroom for reasons of getting a liquid substance into me
  • The first time I've later decided to hell with it and just refilled my glass from my purse while I was in the bar
  • The first time I tried to repeat that entire process and was thwarted by the fact that bottle shops close at midnight
  • The first time I bought a bottle of wine at the bar because I wanted to bring it home
  • The first time I smuggled said wine out of a bar
  • The first time I couldn't even finish the damn bottle and really shouldn't have bothered
  • The first time I was really hung over on a day when I had to travel
  • The first time I've come close to missing my flight
  • The first time a two-hour flight delay has been a good thing

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