Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Onion does it again

I know my 3 readers (or is it 4 now? I can't keep track of these things) are totally into podcasting--have 8+ subscriptions, load them all up on their iPods once, sometimes twice a day and try to listen to them all but keep wondering who has the time? (Answer: people who are too geeky to function. Just listen to the radio like a normal person. Or at least like one who hasn't had it stolen out of their car 5 times.)

Well, wonder no more. Those 8+ podcasts suck. Unless they're from Slate, in which case they're ok, because that's how I found out that The Onion has podcasts. Not only are they better than, like, every other podcast (I mean, think how geeky do you have to be to go beyond just listening to them to actually producing and distributing them? These are not people worth listening to.), but each one is less than a minute long. Which is kind of a bummer until you realize that you don't even need to download the damned thing--everyday, when you have a minute, just find them in the iTunes music store and have a listen and then go on with your day, knowing you're thinking of something at least as irrelevant, but far funnier than whatever it is your coworkers think about.

Today's podcast: Area Man Breaks Out Dating Boxers.

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