Wednesday, April 28, 2004


So the three people who read this must think I'm a total basketcase after that last entry. I don't have a whole lot to say right now, but things have since gotten better and that last post can't just be the first thing people see.

First of all, I'm all of 22 years old now, and this past birthday was one of the best ever because a. I got to shock everyone with how young I am (most assume I'm in my mid-20's), b. parents in town meant nice dinners out three nights in a row, and c. all the kamikazes people bought for me Saturday more than made up for not doing anything on my 21st birthday. The three-day hangover, too.

But after such a lovely birthday weekend, there was a bit of schoolwork to catch up on. Still is, as it turns out. But I feel I've sufficiently recovered to tackle what's left with my usual gung h---oh wait, never mind. I did complete my SAS homework (and enjoyed it, like the nerd I am) and a poorly-written competitive analysis, and simply resigned myself to the fact that an assignment due last week will not get done. And I'm ok with that. In college it took me a couple years to work up to a stellar gpa, and since I don't have that kind of time here, I'll just go around shocking everyone with how young I am again.

In other news, being part of Friendster is just plain trippy. It used to be a way to keep in touch with everyone I went to college with: now I'm being contacted by friends from high school and earlier. And did I mention I wasn't too terribly happy in high school and earlier and it's weird to think of the people I knew then (and, like the mature person I was, hated then) as an adult (kind of) now, wondering what they're up to and realizing I didn't really mean it when I wanted them to languish in the netherworld that is SMC (Santa Monica College, where close to a fifth of my high school's graduating class ends up every year) forever.

Other items of note (or hilarity):
I found this website regarding weapons of mass destruction.
I'm still glad I live in Chicago so I don't have to deal with record-breaking temperatures in Los Angeles.
Napster's in the news again (those record companies just can't let go, can they?)

...I think that's it. Ta!

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