Friday, June 10, 2005

The eighth day

To the point of comments on my last post, Kristy was dead right when she said that my contentment with my job situation had nowhere to go but up (it has), Ben was right when he said I had to learn to be a shark (grrr, I'm a big scary shark now... really. I swear. Look! I growled and stuff!), and my soul has made a complete departure (it was nice of it to leave me the note there) and appears to have been replaced by one that gets up at 5 am most days to go swimming, which is something I did not see coming. I wrote out a long, more philosophical post full of questions during a launch meeting today that I may or may not post once I have a look at it with eyes that aren't full of despair, but I have another that I'd like to post in a more timely fashion: what I did today.

4:55 am - Alarm #1 goes off. Hit snooze.

5:00 am - Alarm #2 goes off. Walk to the other side of the room and hit snooze. Get back in bed.

5:01 am - Alarm #1 goes off again.

5:07 am - Alarm #1 goes off again.

5:10 am - Alarm #2 goes off again.

5:11 am - Realize that I'm awake and even if I don't get up now I'll still have to in an hour. Bleh.

5:12 am - Actually get up.

5:13 am - Oh crap, forgot to turn off alarm #1.

5:22 am - Throw clothes for work in backpack; casual Friday means I'm wearing jeans and flip flops today.

5:39 am - Holy shit, I still can't believe it only takes 10 minutes to get to UCLA from West Hollywood. Taking Sunset at 50 mph rocks.

5:45 am - In the pool. Little cold.

6:45 am - Well that was an easy workout, only 1925 today.

7:25 am - Can't believe I'm using a locker room World Dry thingy to blowdry my hair.

7:26 am - Ooh, my hair's straight. Score.

7:40 am - Mocha from Starbucks. Mmmm.

8:22 am - Arrive at work. Shit, I hate 2-hour street parking, hope I don't get a ticket like last week.

8:23 am - Hmm, kind of have a hankering to look at art. Will bring in Bridget Riley book that's in car cuz I've been too lazy to bring it up to my apartment.

8:35 am - Uh oh, more people here now, need to look like I'm busy doing something. Now what should I do...?

8:48 am - Great, boss is here and I have something to do. Man, I don't like working.

12:34 pm - Dude, I've gotta get the hell outta here.

12:46 pm - Mmmm, Quizno's.

12:47 pm - Fuck the diet.

1:08 pm - Wow, I forgot how much I like reading the Bell Curve. I should really do that more often and maybe finish the book within two years of starting it.

1:34 pm - Sigh, back to work.

2:38 pm - Wow, I seriously zone out when I'm listening to music.

2:39 pm - Omigod, how is it only 2:40?!

3:32 pm - Omigod, how is it only 3:30?!

3:33 pm - Oh yeah, I was totally supposed to make sure that project got done in creative today. I wonder what's going on with it...

3:44 pm - Yay, got the .pdf and forwarded it to the client-done!

4:02 pm - Shit, they noticed the typo.

5:08 pm - Ooh, moving to an actual cube rather than this tiny exposed piece of crap desk under the a/c vent!

5:09 pm - Man, I hate putting stuff away. Make piles for Monday.

5:56 pm - Yeah, I've gotta get out of here. It's Friday for Chrissakes.

6:07 pm - Arrive Alcapulco.

6:46 pm - Finish first margarita.

6:51 pm - Order a Corona.

7:12 pm - Coworker that used to be a photographer and now gets invites to lots of cool parties says he'll forward me invitation to a Malibu Rum-sponsored party! Open bar! Dreams do come true.

7:44 pm - Yeah, itsh kinda time fer me to goo...

8:15 pm - Arrive at home. After a drive that only took 25 minutes. 25. Minutes. LA traffic is fucking horrible.

8:27 pm - And now I'm going to blog all of this on a Friday night like the super cool person I am.

Am actually waiting for my roommate to get home, then we're going to go see The Longest Yard. Review to follow.

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