Thursday, February 04, 2016

The About Me section: the end of an era

Original Most recent copy here more for time capsule and nostalgia purposes than anything else:

Main character is a 24 year-old LA native who started a blog for the hell of it, and it shows. Finished grad school at the end of 2004 and has been doing the whole "real world" thing for about two years now, and thinks it's overrated. (Except for maybe the regular paycheck thing. That part's kind of nice.) Exploring options, but no luck thus far. Her likes include lemon drop martinis, her Netflix queue, traveling just about anywhere, reading, languages, and Cadbury Dairy milk. (Not necessarily in that order.) Her influences are Mark Twain, Helen Fielding, Bill Watterson, stand-up comics, and sarcastic people in general, and she has a dramatic love-hate relationship with chai tea lattes.

Oh, Adra of ten years ago. *sniff* You didn't even know about wine.

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