Sunday, May 30, 2004

No time like the present

I've heard the law school horror stories, and I'm not buying it. It's true that we don't live in fear of our professors (yeah THAT sounds like a healthy learning environment) here in wannabe b-school, but we got stuck with something worse: group projects. The days of slacking off on individual assignments because your weekend priorities put getting drunk above getting good grades are over when other people start counting on you to actually get shit done. As it currently stands, I have a 13 or so page deliverable on what's wrong with and why and how to fix it (and why... again. I'm fed up with this accountability shit.) due by 11 am tomorrow (holiday my ass) and it's one of those things that's never really finished, though I know that, at present, it's a helluva lot less finished than anyone I work with will be willing to accept. I also have a ten-plus page paper to write on search engine advertising, a topic which I found to be really interesting until I was forced to draw some sort of conclusion about it. And the moral of the story is I'm up venting about this after midnight on the Sunday of a three-day weekend before I bite the bullet and do 3 more hours of work.

The lesson in all this: I need to learn better management skills so I can delegate all this and still look busy. I now have an appreciation for all the work my CEO from last quarter's Navy project did to make sure we did everything that needed doing and that it made sense at the end, not to mention being completed ahead of schedule. And the editing of all our work...that's a responsibility that should be the CEO's, because they're the only ones who know everything everyone's doing and whether or not it all makes sense. That I'm stuck doing this has absolutely nothing to do with that observation...

Given our frantic finish (this is just the tip of the iceberg), please wish us luck in looking knowledgeable and coherent when we try to explain a quarter's worth of work to a client in 30 minutes.

Random cool link:
A whole new way to get your news: seriously, this is one of the cooler things I've seen online.

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