Thursday, July 08, 2004

Time well spent

I realize that this blog (and by blog I mean hit counter) is barely being supported by a handful of friends and my own irrational need to constantly check said hit counter. And that’s probably as it should be, as I don’t post too terribly often and the vast majority of posts are pretty self-indulgent (this one is case in point). So instead of taking this as a judgment of just how dull my life/opinions are (I could so do a compelling blog if I felt like it), I’ve determined that the reason for this is that I’m leading such an active and intellectually stimulating life that I simply lack the time and inclination to tell you chowderheads about it. A brief rundown of how I pass the time each week:
  • read the entire contents of no less than seven major newspapers on a daily basis, including at least one from a foreign country
  • read two books, preferably nonfiction or new/obscure titles by famous authors
  • watch a few documentaries on the History and Discovery channels
  • try out several new recipes, preferably low carb/fat/calorie and made entirely with organic ingredients
  • drink smoothies made from fruits and vegetables fresh from my garden
  • run twenty miles
  • donate several hours of my time to community service
  • think about a way in which we can all just get along
  • do lots of yoga
  • add twenty pages to my draft of the great American novel
...and by that, I mean I:
  • read the entire contents of the Onion
  • guilt myself into reading a few pages of one of the many unread books I own before wondering what’s on TV
  • watch Elimidate
  • try a new variety of Lean Cuisine because they’re on sale
  • drink beer
  • limp around and complain about how my foot hurts
  • try not to litter
  • make fun of Michael Moore
  • think yoga’s a funny word
  • hired someone just to write this

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