Friday, September 10, 2004

The days are just packed

The shopping spree continued today, but whether due to temporary insanity or the good luck of finding stuff I actually liked, I met with far more success (my wallet would disagree with my definition of success, but I got a new one of those today, too, and I’m gonna make it my bitch). I’m now in possession of a wardrobe sufficiently equipped for fall… for a few days, anyway. A couple of the larger expenditures got me highlights in my hair (I’m a first-timer, so that’s all very new and exciting for me) and a bunch of makeup and brushes from MAC. All I needed was a mani-pedi and some new underwear to complete my unintentional makeover… all in good time.

One disturbing thing (well, on top of this newfound girliness; a part of me is rolling its eyes and making loud sighs at the highlights and increasing number of pink items in my wardrobe): amongst the articles of clothing purchased this afternoon is one of those short, ruffley skirts, a la Paris Hilton. (The part of me raising its eyebrow at the highlights is laughing and pointing at this skirt.) I cannot now explain why I purchased it, especially when one considers that I live in bloody Chicago, where the weather will force me into pants sometime next week. These skirts are nothing short of ridiculous, but I was overwhelmed by everybody-else-is-doing-it-ness and the $12 price tag.

The thing that bothers me most about the fact that I actually paid money for this skirt (the wearing of which makes me feel like I raided the closet of a 14 year-old) is that lots of other women my age did too. Older, even. And as much as people complain about how young girls are being forced to look like, well, teenagers, I think an equally alarming trend is that of supposedly mature adults also trying to look like teenagers. (And here I’m an avid Nip/Tuck fan and managed to miss the point until now. Guess I was too busy staring at Christian Troy.)

Uh, I totally made up that skirt purchase thing… really… I only said it to, um, make a point, or something. Yeah. You don't think I'd actually buy something like that, do you?

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