Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Preparing for the future

It's amazing how lazy you become when you actually have things to do. It's as if the active avoidance of important tasks is exhausting in and of itself. I didn't do much yesterday, and went to bed relatively early, but it seemed to take such an effort to drag myself out of bed at noon today. (That work on my overdue paper, incidentally, did not get done.) In fact, the only reason I showered at all was because of a job search presentation being put on for students in my program by a former HR staffer at Leo Burnett, Leo Burnett being the dream job company in my head right now (and for the past year or so).

The presentation was ok; I did learn a few helpful things, but since the presentation was titled "Confessions of a Recruiting Director" and one of my best friends also happens to be a former recruiter, I didn't hear anything too original. (Not that 'original' could be aptly applied to any job search advice anyway... at least not effective job search advice. I'm sure there are a few out there who have given rather novel suggestions to their unemployed friends about how green hair will make you stand out, or to be prepared for the question "So if you were a kind of fruit, which would you be?" with a sample of your hypothetical answer. (Snacking is optional. I'm not sure how that would fit with the metaphor, anyway.)) Anyway, while the guy was somewhat helpful, he clearly missed his calling in show business. Guess that's why he went into advertising instead, which does cast some doubt on how well I'll get along with people in that industry. Anyway, at the end I went up and asked for his take on the likelihood of my being hired as an account planner (dream job, doesn't matter which agency...I really just like Burnett's location) upon graduation from my program. Apparently my chances are from slim to what the fuck are you on, and I was informed that I'd probably have to start out in account management, at an entry-level job (and pay... cringe). Nothing I haven't heard before, but with the reality a bit closer and other potential job opportunities that are not entry-level, it's moved from 'somewhat disconcerting' to 'seriously, what the fuck am I on?'.

I'll show them, though. I'm wearing my "I'm being exploited by an ad agency" t-shirt to bed. How do ya like me now?

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