Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No really

Despite my failure to report it, I am in fact back in Chicago (and enjoying the fruits of my shopping labors) and doing lots of stuff, plenty of it blog-worthy. I'm embarking on my final quarter of grad school and, unfortunately, a job search as well; I'm travelling around, I'm hanging out with friends, I'm going to concerts and Cubs games, I'm reading. Lots of stuff. And I don't think it's that much less interesting than the stuff I read on my friends' blogs (though there is the risk of a slight bias there). I just don't think I've mastered the short entry; they all have to be long, and thus the prospect of posting seems a lot more daunting than it should and so I don't very often. Anyway, I hope to try to change that, and write more about stuff as it happens than just when it happens and I happen to be in the mood.

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