Sunday, March 06, 2005

Looking for something else to twiddle

Ok, if it wasn't obvious from my last post, I've started running out of things to do. Scratch that: sitting around doing nothing has finally started to grow old. My sleep schedule has begun tending towards nocturnal because there's no reason to wake up, well, ever. I did kind of see this coming and have started compiling a list of things to do (which, happily, can also serve as a list of things to avoid doing so that my life is once again in procrastinatory balance).

1. Learn how to play golf.
I've been making fun of it for years, but if I'm going to take this white collar career thing seriously, I might as well suck it up and start playing already. Walk the walk, and all that. Or in my case, limp... my hand-eye coordination has sucked for years and there's no reason to believe it's going to change now.
Pros: Get to while away my days in the lovely, artificial greenery of a private Southern California golf course, including the odd meal back at the clubhouse.
Cons: Any tan lines I get will look really stupid, thanks to the dress code. Also, I'll be playing golf.

2. Learn Spanish.
Not that French hasn't come in really handy, seeing as how I've actually spent time in places where people speak French, but it could be argued that I've spent a lot more time in places where people speak Spanish. Like the 21 years I spent growing up in Los Angeles. Not that I'd ever use it here, but I would like to visit South America someday and think it might be useful at that time. I'm also due for another trip to Spain, preferably at a time of year when the sun will actually shine.
Pros: Above-stated travel benefits; also, can cuss out the locals convincingly.
Cons: I think discipline might be required for this plan to actually work.

3. Make the rounds of LA-area museums.
There are a few here that I have yet to visit, and it's probably about time I did. Namely the Skirball Center, MOCA, and the Museum of Tolerance.
Pros: I really am that geeky that I enjoy going to museums. Art museums are my favorite, but you never know what fun facts you'll pick up at the ones where you're supposed to actually learn something (example, courtesy of the Southern Explorer Museum in Christchurch: living in an exceptionally cold climate such as Antarctica causes body hair to grow twice as fast.)
Cons: Um... parking?

4. Learn how to surf.
This may be a bit far-fetched, given the cold and the fact that my balance is right up there with my hand-eye coordination. Still, it'd be fun to know how to do, and it won't take that much longer for boredom to convince me that those first two points can be overcome.
Pros: Surfing means getting out of the house.
Cons: Hypothermia means landing in the hospital.

5. Exercise.
*snort* Whatever.

6. Make some headway in my reading list.
Also far-fetched, since the reading list is now so long that I can't even remember half the books on it. I'll settle for just reading (and finishing) every book currently in my possession.
Pros: I'll be gettin' me some book-learnin'; also it's a remarkably effective way to kill time.
Cons: Becoming overwhelmed at the thought of the sheer numbers involved.

7. Get a life.
As it currently stands, I know like 5 people in LA and none of them return my calls (with the notable exception of Ben, who rocks for inviting me to dinner last week). Not that I mind doing stuff on my own, but the prospect of that being my only option is a depressing one. It also has serious consequences for my alcohol consumption (I've never been one to get drunk alone... unless I'm drinking wine, and then it's getting cultured).
Pros: Keep the ol' tolerance up, and have fun doing it!
Cons: I'm poor, and may have to invest in a flask... and by flask, I mean old water bottle.

There are a few more, like 'clean my room,' and 'eat healthy,' and that pesky, ever-present 'get a job'. But whereas the first two are basically platitudes, I'm still harboring illusions about that last one. Maybe I should focus on how many rejections I receive, rather than interviews, as the former is beginning to prove itself a far more lucrative source of feedback. Yeah, that's what I need for motivation.

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