Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Oh shit

After a rather long and involved game of phone tag, where at one point I had to stand there for like five minutes totally frozen because no one would--oh wait, I think I may have been a bit confused there. Anyway, after a week of trading messages, I finally got in touch with a friend of mine from grad school. We hadn't spoken since December, so we caught up on what we'd been up to since then. I bragged about my trip in that barely-controlled, I-want-you-to-be-totally-jealous-but-not-enough-to-actually-hate-me kind of way, and then we moved on to the most lucrative topic of post-graduation conversation there is: employment. Or lack thereof. And it kind of put my current situation in perspective, however depressing that is. I'm going crazy after a week and a half of job-searching from LA. The other two-thirds of my class has been doing this since December, and are in the same position I am. (As another way to fill the time, I'm starting an anonymous hate-mail campaign to what I'm calling The Lucky Bastard Remainder). The friend I spoke with said she wished she'd traveled or gotten a part-time job so she'd have something to show for her time other than sitting at home and watching tv (which is underrated, by the way). I think I'll be doing both. With no kind of set schedule, I end up doing nothing at all... if I think of something and decide that it requires more exertion than sitting up, I don't do it. Even my cat thinks I'm lazy.

The problem is, what kind of job should I look for? Waitressing? A bookstore? Starbucks? Or should I try to go white collar and become an office bitch? Should I temp or look for something more permanent than that, and deny the temping agency the pleasure of garnishing my wages (yeah, take that)? Should I try for something at a company I might actually want to work for long term, or something with no accountability whatsoever so I can blow it off at will?

Christ, now I have to find two jobs.

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