Wednesday, March 16, 2005


As much as I complain about the entertainment industry owning this town, it seems that has a few upsides. And I'm not talking about that time I saw Seth Green next to the Beverly Center (dude's short). The music scene here is awesome. We have an indie rock-dedicated radio station, tons of venues, great performers that pack them, and no shortage of bands trying to make it big. I've found another band to obsess over: Silent Gray. They're local, but they're good, and I'm looking forward to seeing them on Friday night. (You can hear their music on their Myspace site or on their official website--I encourage giving them a listen.)

All my favorite bands come through here, too. Well, except BTE, who seem to prefer hanging out in the South. But the Killers are here this month. Keane and Snow Patrol will be at Coachella at the end of next month (I really need to find someone to go to that with me). Rhett Miller, of Old 97's, is doing a solo act soon. I saw Guster at the Greek Theater in September. And I saw Aimee Mann, one of my favorite singers of all time, on Saturday at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Great show, even from behind a row of heads on the second floor (note to self: always get there early enough to avoid getting stuck on the second floor).

Hmm, now if only I had a job, I could actually afford tickets to go see all these people...

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