Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Bragging rights in the off-season

ESPN's Ivan Maisel has picked his top 25 for next season, and fellow Trojans will be happy to know that we're leading the pack and are picked to return to the Orange Bowl next year (and who couldn't use a trip to Miami in January?). The Pac-10 makes a decent showing, actually, with Cal and Oregon State ranked 11th and 16th, respectively. The Big Ten is on with four (but starting with Michigan at #8), and the Big 12 has five.

In other BCS news, a fifth BCS game is to be added starting in 2006 or 2007 (whenever the new contract would take effect) to expand the number of at-large berths to four in an effort to get TCU, Boise State and the like to shut up. A couple of football experts say the decision is a move in the right direction, but point out that if college football can make all these changes, why not just move to a playoff system and make everyone happy? Both Donnan and Kiper argue that the "college athletes not having enough time for playoffs" assertion is crap. (They put it more nicely than that.)

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