Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Well, the long-awaited day of our Navy presentation has come and gone. We told medical recruiters our idea for targeting 4 universities and leveraging the ROTC presence that's already there, and apparently we did a damned good job of it, because we won!!! And no Coaches/AP-like split, either: both the ad agency and Navy chose our group as the best; the other group that won was chosen by the agency because they'd already gone and purchased all those portfolios to give to the winners, so they had to pick a second. (That sounds mean; I don't know what that group presented, but I'm sure they had a solid presentation or they wouldn't have been picked.)

It's good to know it all paid off... I may have to develop some sort of work ethic out of guilt, though, because while I was glad the group won, I didn't feel like I deserved it. I knew the people in our group that did, and I was really happy for them and lucky I got to work with them, but I felt guilty that they had to put up with me for the last two months. Live and learn... I want to be one of those people next time.

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