Sunday, June 13, 2004

Night owl

Like Brendan, sleep isn’t really in the cards for me tonight, though not because I think I’d have any difficulty achieving it--I’m damn tired right now, actually--but because I have a 6 a.m. flight back to Chicago which means getting up at 3:30 (as in half an hour from now) to shower and finish packing (and start packing, for that matter). How am I killing time tonight?

-Nielsen post: 75 minutes
-looking for other geeky marketing bloggers who’ve posted on Nielsen: 6 minutes
-reading Nielsen posts on The Melting Blog: 25 minutes
-feeling inferior to other blog’s coverage: 6 minutes
-poaching other blog’s links for my own post: 2 minutes
-thinking up new tagline for my blog: 12 minutes
-being racked by indecision when I actually go to save it: 7 minutes
-finally deciding to see what Wonkette is all about: 18 minutes
-trip to Canters for a malt, BLTA and final goodbye to friends: 120 minutes
-forgetting about friend I’m chatting with on IM to go to Canters: 0 minutes
-apologizing to said friend: 2 minutes
-rediscovering the end of the world cartoon: 10 minutes
-checking friends’ blogs for the 83rd time today: 19 minutes
-seeing what my web counter’s up to: 1 minute (the modem’s killing me)
-being happy that it’s about to hit the 4-digit milestone: 0.1 minutes
-being bitter that that’s fucking it: 4 minutes
-posting about wasting time: now this is just getting silly

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