Sunday, June 20, 2004

Summertime, and the living's easy

So I've begun my summer internship, which is working mostly with consultants. Am now thinking that maybe this is the line of work for me: flexible (read: fewer) hours, free lunches, everyone has to be nice to you because they're paying you ungodly amounts of money to have you tell them what to do. Here's a look at what I did with my first week back in the real world:

Monday: Picked up by my boss for my first day of work. Sit through 4 hours' worth of poorly-run meetings, perfect faking attentiveness (my Red Bull clearly didn't take this morning), get a free lunch out of it, am told at 2:30 that I'm done for the day. Head to Michigan Avenue to try and set myself up with a decent wardrobe of work clothes from H&M. Come home, head to Mas (Spanish fusion cuisine or something) for a nice dinner with the roommate at 9. Go to bed significantly broker than I was the day before.

Tuesday: Purple line express to work to arrive just before 10 (and am early). Meetings all day, but finally figure out some way to contribute (beyond the nod and smile, I mean, though I do do a mean nod and smile). Another free lunch. Head home at 5:30, cap it all off with a 4.5 mile run. Go to bed significantly tireder than I was the day before.

Wednesday: No work. Help the roommate move newly-purchased furniture into our apartment, and continually remind her of the irony of having two apartments' worth of furniture here now that I'm the only one living here for the rest of the summer. Also complain loudly and repeatedly. Earn a promise of free dinner (which I suspect was forthcoming simply to shut me up). Head to Tapas Barcelona for dinner, split a well-deserved pitcher of sangria. Head to Bar Louie to make the night complete. Go to bed significantly drunker than I was the day before.

Thursday: Still no work. Wake up at noon with a hangover, somehow manage three hours of compiling income data by zip code for the Atlanta area, project incremental revenue generated by targeting these people. Run 3.5 miles, shower, nice dinner out at Stained Glass, then read Cider House Rules for 2 hours. Go to bed significantly accomplisheder than I was the day before.

Friday: Another day off. Realize with a shock that I've managed to max out both my credit cards and use that as motivation to finally fill out the financial aid application that's at least a month overdue. Pack a backpack full of bread, wine, cheese, bruschetta topping, nutella and Snack Pack chocolate pudding, head up to Ravinia to see Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright. Get lost (but too shocked by all the big houses to really notice), finally make it there and try to ignore the rain while we eat slightly-soggier-than-anticipated dinner. Rain stops by showtime, Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright are awesome. Other people meeting us there also very cool, after the show we head downtown for chocolate strawberry martinis. All around great night, cab it home. Go to bed significantly happier than I was the day before.

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