Saturday, June 26, 2004

A whole new way to kill time

While catching up on the latest tech headlines on CNET, I read a story on the latest in webmail developments that mentioned a website devoted to making the connection between people that want Gmail accounts and people with invites to give called gmail swap. Those of you who were around for the discovery of "For Sale by Mental Patient" can definitely appreciate this. Among the items being bid for a Gmail address:

40 Foot Statue of You
To refer to myself in the third person
To photoshop you in a handstand position
To vote for John Kerry
To let you name my iguana
To let you name my next born child
To root for the A's tonight
Your name on my arm for a week
To stop swearing
A photo of a cat in a wetsuit
A spy in Denver
My Soul I fell for this one, and am now in possession of the soul of one Kyle Branin, denoted via the email that said:
Kyle Branin's Soul
Hi. This is Kyle Branin's soul.

The list goes on. If you prefer the ones that are filtered for entertainment, check those out here.

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