Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Musings on Pop Culture

Ok, this is really the short and sweet version because I can't process a whole lot at 2:30 a.m. after a few drinks (hey, it's Tuesday! And Mardi Gras!)

First off, what's the deal with grad students and Law & Order? I never expected to be a fan, and it's like I was made one against my will, thanks to my roommate, but now it's something I watch regularly (particularly SVU, as has already been noted... the original Law & Order I find to be more dull, what with all that courtroom stuff... not every episode can match up to all the Grisham I've read). Is it actually a smarter show? And even if it was, then why do I also watch crap like the O.C. and Average Joe? (I not only watch these, but I'm seriously a big fan of OC... so many pretty people!)

Secondly, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week now, partly because I have no class (usually... tomorrow is an unfortunate exception, but I'm rectifying that by not going), and partly because that's the day the new Onion comes out, which I always look forward to reading. And I always love talking about the newest stories and headlines with my friends, and it amazes me that such information has such power over my life, that information in general makes such a difference to everyone's lives. Is it natural that such a thing define you? Is that particular to this century? Has information we know come to have the same meaning as clothing brands do... it denotes what kind of person you are/which crowd you think you belong to? Is that how it's always been? And if not, what the hell did illiterate people talk about 200 years ago? Just gossip? It seems you'd run out of that quickly enough, but then again, I'm biased by the sheer volume of information I filter everyday, and can't imagine a single topic monopolizing my thoughts (well, except for myself, but that is most certainly a part of human nature... if everything you see is only from your point of view, then how else are you supposed to think about your world?).

My last thought is on the phenomenon of music, but I'm not sure how to articulate it. I think our reactions to music are fascinating--it's amazing that sounds are capable of producing such strong emotions and are so much more potent in recalling specific memories and feelings than any other sense (well, smell sometimes has the same effect, but far less often... that may simply be a function of smell not dominating our senses as frequently as hearing and, obviously, vision, do).

Well, time for bed. G'night!

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