Thursday, February 05, 2004


Ok, I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but things have been a tad hectic here (plus I've been playing that penguin game a lot in my spare time--my record is now 319.3, apparently I lack Chris and Tom's skillz, but then again, they each own an X-Box). First there's all the snow, which makes you want to do nothing but stay in and eat lots of soup (or in my case, mexican food) while you watch Law and Order SVU or stupid teen movies. It also makes you want to book Caribbean cruises for spring break, but I took care of that today, which means I now have to really mean this whole working out more than once a week thing. And I have to lay off the mexican food (so bad, and yet soooo good).

Oh yeah, and then there's school and stuff. It tends to take a back seat to going out and drinking, but I figure I have to balance out the large number of type A's in my program. Everyone's been in such a bad mood this quarter! So many people sound like they're at boot camp or something and have taken the "I'll just get through this but I'm not gonna be happy about it, dammit" mindset. Very disheartening. It makes me wonder if I'm missing something, but if I am, my grades have yet to reflect it.

One of the best parts about this week has been my return to reading short stories before bed. I love fiction, and O. Henry writes some of my favorite stories. They don't take the energy to read that funny stories do (which rules out favorites Mark Twain and David Sedaris) and kindle the perfect feeling to have right before going to sleep with flannel sheets and a cold world outside. The twists make them more than boring, run-of-the-mill stories, though. Anyway, if you've never read O. Henry, I highly recommend picking up a "best of" book of his.

Just thinking about those stories has put me in a better mood--I was going to mention the chaos going on at home (another set of people laden with problems that feel so far away from me), but why ruin my mood... I need all the help I can get as I start into the writeup I have to do this evening.

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