Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Day Over

Why is it that, despite having a good (albeit long) and varied day, I get to the end of it and it seems like it took forever? I think back to this morning and can barely remember how statistics went; it's an age ago that I tutored people, and then everything suddenly went into fast forward and here I am ready to go to bed (sh*t, still so much work that isn't getting done). And it was a good day, for the most part (I don't think anyone anywhere really enjoys resume critiques). I was tired, but enjoyed everything, with particular emphasis on the end of the day- beer and tacos at Bar Celona for only $4.50! Sweet! And a good show (seriously, some of these people were hilarious) at Improv Olympic to cap it all off. This was a good day.

Bonus: a friend emailed me the link to this website--click play online (warning: you may not like it if you're a big fan of penguins... until you turn on the sound). Beats the hell out of tetris.

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