Sunday, January 11, 2004

Still Empty

I am now painfully reminded as to the origin of this blog's title, and can only hope that my quest for mental stimulation is successful, if only to placate my own ego (which suffers enough crises of confidence as it is). I get plenty of interesting ideas in class, but they're the kinds of things that only other communication dorks would care about. That doesn't appear to stop law students, but there is a larger community of them to appreciate the bitching and moaning about how much that Contracts professor sucks.

I have found a few entertaining tidbits online, however, which are definitely worth checking out if you have a minute and like to laugh.
The original pervy hobbit fancier's journal: For anyone who's ever watched the Lord of the Rings movies (mostly the first and second though). And keep scrolling down, there are diaries for every character.
McSweeney's: In the spirit of more parody, check out "Popular Children's Fairy Tales Reimagined Using Members of My Family"
Also an article about life as a cab driver: Cuz I said I would- not funny like the other two, but interesting nonetheless.

Right, have got to actually get stuff done today, like homework and laundry and even unpacking my damned suitcase (have been living out of it for a week for no apparent reason). Wish me luck.

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