Monday, January 26, 2004

Poached email

Should really post something, but don't have a ton of energy (you wouldn't either after spending forever on stats homework and avoiding managerial responsibilities re: a Navy research project. I should really get on that.) so I'm copying part of an email I already wrote today (sorry Jeremy...let's see some of those rude comments you keep promising).



(not really)

set alarm to wake me an hour before i have to actually get up; get up late

walk to a group meeting at 10:30, find to my surprise that i arrived on

attended a class on database segmentation, was grateful for my laptop and
internet connection; caught up on my blogs and chicago tribune metromix
articles- am surprised by a sudden higher opinion of the tribune.

attended my advertising class; cursed my advertising professor.

listened to a presentation from rand mcnally on how to make their website
profitable. saw a class presentation on fast food, watched professor rip
the group afterwards for leaving out some stuff after his own guidelines
were ridiculously (recockulously?) vague. cursed him again, since the
first time obviously didn't take.

and uh, have done homework and stuff since then. just finished watching the south park movie.

can't wait for it all to begin again tomorrow!

A couple of links that I found today: a good LA Times article on the growing population in California (makes me more certain that I should hang around Chicago). Also some hilarious billboard spoofs.

Will post about whether or not Improv Olympic is able to redeem itself to me after tomorrow night's show.

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