Thursday, January 01, 2004

Fight On!

I suppose New Year's Day is as good a time to write an inaugural post as any, particularly given how f*cking awesome (btw I swear, we'll just settle that right now, but I will attempt to use tastefully placed asterisks) today was. It started out with me being drunk with my friends, miraculously waking up without a hangover (good thing we couldn't figure out how to make good mojitos, or today may have gone a little differently), taking the train to Pasadena and thus avoiding all manner of traffic, and watching my boys--the USC Trojans--defeat Michigan in the Rose Bowl to lay claim to the AP national title. My throat hurts from yelling, my legs and feet are threatening to go on strike, and I'll probably get sick from all the time spent in the cold in clothing that wasn't really up to the task. And I couldn't be happier.

It turns out that I could be more energetic, however, and typing this has ceased to be a priority (since I've, you know, gone and typed it already).

Goodnight. And Happy New Year!

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