Wednesday, January 07, 2004

No really.

Ok, my internet hasn't really wanted to cooperate with my computer since I got back, so I'm blogging quickly from my friend's apartment--it's been kind of disappointing because I wanted to do a post about the mystery of cab drivers, as in: why the lack of normal human beings? Is the job of cab driver that distasteful to the American public? (what did you do, Robert De Niro?!)

Also, since being back I've had a couple of busy days and nights: we have a ton of homework right off the bat, and I've had to work 11 hours waitressing (back-to-back shifts) already this week. Have decided that tutoring grad students in stats at $25 an hour may be a better source of income. Not to mention the suggestion that I tutor North Shore high school students in algebra for $40 an hour. (Can you say bank?)

Spontaneous commentary on The Simple Life: it sucks. I hope is supplying appropriately scathing summations.
Disclaimer: I like The O.C. (shame!), so consider the source; however, I don't think there are many to disagree. The show is successful due to the morbid curiosity of the American public (have come to the conclusion that the American public, playing such a large part in this post, needs therapy).

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