Monday, January 19, 2004

The "I can't sleep" dilemma

I have absolutely no desire to be awake right now. I have a full day tomorrow that I'm not looking forward to simply because I'm so stressed about today that all I want to do is sleep for at least a short respite. But here I am. Ruining my eyes by staring at a bright computer screen in a dark room, typing.

If I have enough energy to get up and do a blog post, arguably I have enough energy to do things that actually need doing, like course reading, for instance (which would probably do a far more effective job of reconciling the sleep issue anyway). I could watch that video on the Navy's Medical Service Corps that I was supposed to have seen days ago (very embarassing because it's not like any effort is even required to watch a video). I could think up some good ways to get inside the minds of med students. I could explore the MCAT website to see what resources they offer to them (the better to assault the minds of med students with my message, once I've figured it out).

But I don't wanna. I don't even really want to be writing this post (as evidenced by the lack of my usual sparkling wit and charm), but here I am, taking the path of least resistance, simply because I'd rather be doing this than any of the things I listed above. So while I'm at it, here are links to a couple of LA Times articles from the weekend that were really good (at least the first half...I never really got around to finishing them). One details the history of what led to all this Napster nonsense in the first place: turns out it all comes back to Betamax. And the other is about travel at supersonic speed, which is just plain cool. I'm willing to put up with a funny-looking plane if it means LA to Paris in 5 or 6 hours.

That's all I've got right now. Oh yeah, something happened in Iowa today that you may have heard about, but my blog friends to the right can give you a whole lot more information and commentary, seeing as how they, like, care or something. I'm gonna try out this sleep thing one more time.

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