Friday, January 23, 2004

It's snowing!

It turns out that I'm much more disposed to the concept of snow when it's not making me sit in airports for ungodly amounts of now! Everything's white and gorgeous, almost better than yesterday because it's 20 degrees warmer (yeah it was cold yesterday), though yesterday was sunny. mmm, I love living in Chicago.

In other news, life in grad school is not quite as zen-like (as you can probably tell from the near-obsessive numbers of posts I make). Group projects and readings and residencies, oh my! (At least I eliminate that middle one by not caring, per the immortal Calvin and Hobbes. (I would link to the actual comic, but I think a searchable database is pretty damn good. The one I'm thinking of was published 1/8/93.)

Anyway, am just glad that it's Friday and I can head downtown for Giordano's with a friend staying at the Drake.

Yeah, Chicago rules.

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