Monday, October 04, 2004


It's 49 degrees out. At 11 in the morning. It's October friggin' 4th.

I was informed last year that this sudden temperature drop at the beginning of October was very unusual. Likewise, our suckier-than-average summer was also very unusual. These observations have not done anything to actually improve the weather, and they're not doing much to improve my attitude towards it anymore either.

But as I made my way down Clark, wearing my wool coat for the first time since spring, it occurred to me that my handling of cold weather this year, after only 2 months of summer, is likely to be somewhat different than my handling of cold weather last year, which followed 21 years of summer. A significant amount of the novelty has worn off. Plus I now have to walk over a mile and take a train to get from home to class, rather than biking three blocks. Lots more opportunity to really experience all the variety in weather conditions Chicago has to offer.


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