Friday, October 08, 2004

Now I remember why I hate politics

I'm watching the debate right now, and I've remembered why I never pay attention to politics. It's a waste of my time. Politics is nothing but soundbites and factoids written by staffers who've read How to Lie with Statistics.

I consider myself to be fairly liberal on most issues, and there are certainly things Bush has done with which I disagree. However, I think it's unfair to slam him for decisions made when, at the time, evidence supported those decisions. Uncovering additional information that now shows those decisions to be be incorrect is unfortunate, but no one can go back and change those decisions. They had to be made; if we always waited until we had all the facts, nothing would ever get done. I also seriously resent Kerry's claims that are backed by absolute numbers: 1.9 million jobs lost during Bush's administration, a number not matched in 70 years (from the stock market crash and the Depression, remember those?)? No shit, our population's grown a bit over the years. Our deficit increased more during Bush's administration than during all prior administrations put together? It's called decreased buying power--let's see those comparisons in real dollars. China and India are graduating more people with technological expertise? Ya think?! Have you checked those populations recently?

Everything is half truths, things to which you'd have to reply "Yeah, but..." and then be cut off, because a full statement of the facts is not in the current speaker's best interest. Both candidates are doing this, but I suppose I react more strongly to Kerry doing so simply because I dislike the blanket hatred of Bush that I hear from so many sources that won't give him the benefit of the doubt. (I'm totally gonna get shit for that from my more informed friends.) Michael Moore is case in point, and that is one of the few people whom I actually hate. He seeks to deceive as much as he seeks to expose, and is arguably worse than presidential candidates because he can cast himself as objective when his work is no such thing. That makes me so angry that I can't even think about it; that's an issue I can't resolve and may as well devote myself to more productive pursuits.

It's all so disillusioning. Jesus H.

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