Sunday, October 03, 2004

Fair-weather fandom still counts, right?

One of the client sponsors we met on Friday (I'd decided not to shower that morning, of course; I'm all about first impressions) had flown in from Columbus that morning, and according to his report, everyone else on that plane was bound for Northwestern as well. The Buckeye bandwagon. Freakin' Buckeyes. All gung ho and shit.

Wish I was on their flight home today, though... how much must it suck to go from winning the national championship two years ago to losing to Northwestern. The only reason that school is still on their schedule is a combination of pity and ego boost (and that whole Big Ten thing may have something to do with it too).

Actually, it sounds a lot like last year's USC-Cal game. We were like, dude, it's Cal, (I'm totally not paraphrasing) and then went and lost in OT.

But hey, at least we got to go home to Los Angeles. The Buckeyes had to fly back to Ohio.

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