Friday, October 22, 2004

Notes or...

I don’t know why, but if I’m not listening to something that sounds like a lecture, I won’t pay attention. The only time there’s an exception is when a presentation is being given that I had some hand in formulating; at all other times, discussion, student presentations, etc., instructive though they may be, simply fade into an unintelligible buzz.

It’s not that I’m incapable of paying attention, it’s just that the likelihood of doing so falls way down if I don’t feel personally involved somehow.

The result: I write. Usually I write out favorite poems that I memorize, simply because I love the exercise of writing, whether or not it’s meaningful (but it’s more fun if it makes some kind of sense). Today I guess I was feeling a. exceptionally creative and/or b. highly disillusioned and bored with writing out the same old poems I always do. So what follows are the resulting original haikus and part of a limerick I decided to write in French:

tous les raisons sont claires
je peux les voir, ils volent dans l’air
et maintenant, la raison, c’est rare

doodling in class
is less fun if you can’t draw
write haikus instead

the clock is ticking
but nothing can speed this up
give me more coffee

clarity can fool
for perception defines all
but does it matter?

the idea’s always great
but beware boredom

someone lied today
they said “high of sixty-eight”
now I’m really cold

let us analyze
why’d the chicken cross the road?
he’s suicidal

clearly I’m not well
and Internal Marketing
makes for bad haikus

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