Sunday, October 10, 2004

Merits of a ping pong table

My roommates and I threw a party on Saturday night, and while we've enjoyed the odd game of ping pong since getting our new ping pong table, lots of friends and alcohol are needed to really demonstrate its full potential. And so, in case any of you were waffling on whether or not to buy yourself one, listed below are the many benefits of owning a ping pong table:

1. lends itself to playing ping pong
2. matches green furnishings
3. easy solution to the old "so what the hell do we do with this room?" problem
4. great for flip cup tournaments
5. drunk ping pong not as prone to injury as drunk bowling; also much more convenient
6. beer pong rocks
7. perfect when you're trying to play Kings with a group of 15
8. can probably play a central role in any drinking game, really
9. net as apparel has fashion statement written all over it
10. totally cooler than "table tennis"

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