Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Whole30: Day 11

All I wanted was to get home and have a glass of wine today. I comforted myself by recalling the fact that I can post to my blog, and that's also pretty self-indulgent, so that'll have to do. And then I actually got home and had to cook dinner and clean lots of dishes and clean up the kitchen twice, first before I started cooking and then again after, and watch the latest SNL and then wash my face and walk the dog and write about yesterday and whoops it's a bit late now, guess there wouldn't have been time for that glass of wine after all.

How I felt: Resentful, because I woke up ahead of my alarm going off: almost an hour early, actually, what the hell is that?! And my back is sore, perhaps from all that kitchen chair time yesterday, and the muscles in my left foot keep tensing too. It occurred to me this morning that I now have an extraordinarily low amount of physical activity on a daily basis: I used to have a half hour guaranteed every day just from biking to work, and I often walked around a fair amount on top of that, but that's not the case with my new job. I charged my Apple Watch today so I can start wearing it again and see just how bad things are, now, and start doing something about it.

Breakfast: Hardboiled egg, sliced avocado with olive and salt, and those gorgeous strawberries. I think this breakfast is my favorite out of all the Whole30 breakfasts, because done right, it's amazing, and it's the easiest one to do right because the extent of the preparation is slicing.

Lunch: A sad cobb salad from Tender Greens. Sad because there was no blue cheese, and it turns out blue cheese is pretty key to my enjoyment of cobb salads.

Dinner: Was going to be last night's curry meatball leftovers but Austin is at a Flaming Lips show and demanded that I not eat those leftovers without him, so that'll be tomorrow night's dinner. Tonight, I roasted an extra chicken leg that went unused when we made chicken chile verde the other night, and covered it with a harissa spice mix that I spied at Whole Foods on Saturday and yes, I think I'll be doing that again in the future. And since I was roasting stuff, and wanted something comforting, I cut up our last russet potato and made rosemary garlic oven fries, and my veggie was a mixed green salad (Maggie's Farm stellar mix) with balsamic vinaigrette. Good dinner overall, but the oven fries were my favorite. Those plus the lemonade kombucha I had felt like snacking on french fries and soda, but much better versions of each.

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