Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Whole30: Day 19

How I felt: Woke up with a headache, which wasn't cool, but I was fairly alert and not too tired. Strawberries are what got me out of bed again today: I had a meeting starting at 9 and the Santa Monica farmers market opens at 8:30, so I had to get up there early to make sure I could leave by 8:40 to get home in time. (Half of us were joining the meeting remotely.) And mid-morning, either staying home had made me antsy or I was more energetic than usual, so I tried going for a run. It sucked: one of my worst times for that distance (it ranked 32 out of 36), and although the first three minutes were fine, all the rest was miserable. Breathing was hard, and I was just super tired, and walked far more than I have in awhile.

I felt good the rest of the day, though. Had a late breakfast, so it was really more like brunch at that point, and it carried me all the way until dinner at almost 9, which is really something. I wasn't really all that hungry until we sat down to eat dinner, and then I scarfed everything down, despite missing soy sauce. They say you can sub in coconut aminos, but that's like saying you can substitute zoodles for spaghetti: maybe you can get by, but no one is EVER going to mistake one for the other.

Brunch: Scrambled eggs, sausage patty, sliced avocado, and bowl of what I am convinced are (were?) the best strawberries in the world.

Dinner: Beef with broccoli, and cauliflower fried "rice": tonight, I provided the inspiration, and Austin provided the dinner. He looked incredibly disappointed when I informed him that I was headed to a Women in Data happy hour meetup and that cooking dinner would be his responsibility (or that I could start at 8:30, when I got home), but he came through just fine.

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