Sunday, May 14, 2017


Ok guys, where is this "Tiger's Blood" thing we've been hearing about. I've read this timeline of what to expect a few times now--I guess we're still in the Days 10-11 section, where the novelty's worn off but we don't feel good enough for all the fuss to be warranted--and, while I feel good, it's not, like, an OMG kind of good. This is how I usually feel after I've slept well. But more resentful, because there are all these things I can't have, and I know that if I don't eat every four hours or so I'm going to become REALLY unpleasant, so I'd better make something at home (and nothing sounds good) before we start running errands because this diet just feels incredibly limiting at moments like that.

Yesterday was a productive day (am posting a day late): slept in a bit, made a delicious breakfast, did Responsible Things on the computer, like check our accounts and update everything in Mint (I was curious if we were spending more, less, or the same amount of money on food this month, given that we've cut out alcohol; it looks like we're actually spending a bit more, BUT I think part of the reason for that is that normally, we'd be going out more individually and spending our individual rather than joint dollars on that, but since we're total shut-ins this month, we've shifted that individual spending into the joint category). We did laundry. We ran some errands: we needed more dog food and a new harness for our dog (we've had the same harness for over three years, and she's hated it for three years), and a nice office chair for the office because I want to be able to work from home more, and be comfortable when I do it. I picked up some wine I'd ordered from the Wine House because they had a sale on a pinot that I really like. And before we set out on all of that, I realized I was starting to get hungry and wouldn't make it through the errands without turning into a world-class asshole if I didn't eat, but nothing sounded good, so I grudgingly made a second breakfast of omelet and bacon (I'm telling you, snack bacon should be a thing.)

We got back from errands and I made dinner, an InstantPot pork chili verde that was fantastic. (It had better be, for what the pork cost.) And happily, there are some leftovers for lunches during the week. And then we got dressed for a friend's birthday and headed to that, and it's probably just as well that we were late, because there was a food truck there, and we couldn't have any of what they were serving (Texas BBQ, and things like Frito Pie), and it would have sucked to watch everyone else eat while we couldn't partake.

How I felt: Resentful.

Breakfast: Hardboiled egg, sliced avocado, strawberries, and cold brew. I love this breakfast.

Second Breakfast: Omelet with sauteed fennel and spinach; two slices of bacon.

Dinner: InstantPot pork chili verde

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