Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Whole30: Day 12

Strawberries are what got me out of bed this morning.

I woke up when my alarm went off, and not a moment before, so yay for getting the maximum amount of sleep. (Well, I went to sleep too late last night, but seven and a half hours isn't bad.) I wasn't groggy, so it wasn't that hard to get up. And I psyched myself up to do it because, if I got up right then, there would be time to go to the Santa Monica farmers market real quick and get more strawberries. And then, not only would I have enough strawberries for the rest of the week (otherwise today would have been the last day), but I could have the freshest possible strawberries for breakfast this morning.

Worth getting up for.

I got up. I showered. I drove up to Santa Monica for strawberries. Is this reasonable? Maybe not. But I can't have wine right now, guys. I need SOMEthing that feels indulgent.

Since I was at the farmers market, I also stopped by a couple of meat stalls: there's a guy selling bison there, and as I waited for him to finish up with another customer, I learned that this was one of the last times he'd be there selling bison: sounds like the family he'd been sourcing it from had sold their ranch, and were getting out of the business. So I stocked up on a few bison steaks. And as I wandered by another stall, their sausage selection caught my eye. It turned out I couldn't buy any (the breakfast sausage I wanted had sugar in it), but I DID need a few pounds of pork shoulder for another pot of that chili verde, this time with pork instead of chicken. I should have asked about the price first, though: that hunk of pork cost $50. Eesh.

How I felt: Physically, fine. That muscle in my back is still sore so now I'm carrying bags on my other shoulder, which feels weird. I was feeling fine all day--solid energy level--until this evening after dinner, and now I'm quite tired and ready to go to sleep. (It's a little past 9.) Mentally, stressed and a little upset. Having to give myself pep talks. Time suddenly seemed to slow waaaay down today, and that's not a good thing. All of that is largely independent of this dietary exercise, but I do have to wonder if how I experience these things is better or worse given that I also have this going on. Am I more likely to be grouchy about certain things? Perhaps. I believe that, generally, everyone has a finite amount of "I can handle this, no problem" to deal with the obstacles that inevitably come up while they get through the day. Some people have more than others--I myself don't have a ton of it, though I certainly have more than I used to--but I'm using up some of it on the anxiety that comes with wanting to strictly adhere to this, and I don't always have enough left for the other stuff that might come up.

Breakfast: A bowl of fresh strawberries that was divine. Two scrambled eggs that were gone way too fast. The last of the cold brew.

Oh fuck, I was going to make more cold brew tonight cuz we're out. Well, it's not happening now. Glad we have a coffee cart just across the intersection with good iced coffee that we can always go to as a backup.

Lunch: Team outing, and I was nervous about it: demanded to know the name of the restaurant ahead of time so I could check the menu and see if there was something I could eat there. Turns out there were a few options, and once there, the waiter was super helpful. I ordered seabass covered in a spicy smoky salsa, with sauteed spinach on the side. I couldn't eat the rice that also came with it so the waiter offered another veggie substitute instead, so I also had some sauteed mushrooms. That seabass was excellent. And probably also the most expensive order at the entire table. This is an expensive diet.

Dinner: Leftover curry meatballs, with roasted broccolini and sweet potato. It was tasty, but I was still hungry at the end--maybe because I didn't have to do any work for the food? Austin just made everything appear--so I had a bunch of pumpkin seeds, the rest of the freeze dried pineapple, and a bottle of cranberry kombucha.

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