Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Whole30: Day 5

Today, I ventured out into the world of Whole30 Food That Is Not From My Kitchen. I work across the street from a Tender Greens, and as the menu there seemed pretty promising, I just had to figure out which salads had dressings that were sugar-free, wine-free, dairy-free and soy-free (so far, I think I can have... the tarragon dressing and that's it? I need to quiz the lady at the front again and take notes: I can't look at actual ingredients, just ask "does this dressing have this ingredient" for, like, all the dressings). And then dinner was at Urban Plates, a recommendation from friends that did Whole30 a month or two ago, and a great recommendation it is. Pricey, as is Tender Greens, but good quality. Will absolutely go there again. If it's convenient. (It's not likely to be convenient.)

Really wanted something a bit sweeter today and got lucky: one of the sparkling water flavors is mixed berry, and it was perfect. Bought a four-pack of them at Whole Foods this evening so I could have them at home, too.

How I felt: Ok. Better than yesterday, I guess. Headache in the morning, but was fine in the afternoon. Lymph nodes on the right side of my neck still swollen and achy. Busy day today, so perhaps I simply benefited from having lots to think about that was not food or my physical self. More days like this, please.

Breakfast: A bowl of strawberries and a hardboiled egg. Was still a bit full from such a big dinner the night before, to be honest. And a bottle of Venice Cold Brew (I really like that stuff: side-by-side taste test with our homemade brew using Groundwork Angel City beans tomorrow morning.) Then met a former coworker for coffee at 11:30 and had a cup of nitro cold brew, no ice, and was just flying until lunch at 1.

Lunch: Tender Greens: salt and pepper chicken on the butter lettuce simple salad.

Dinner: Urban Plates: steak, roasted rosemary garlic potatoes, and brussels sprouts with bacon (ostensibly: I never saw any) and one or two other ingredients that were compliant. They had kombucha on tap but I wasn't sure if there was added sugar or not so just had water with dinner, and the friend I met there, usually a drinking buddy, just had water too. Such a good friend, much more thoughtful than I am!

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