Thursday, May 04, 2017

Whole30: Day 6

It suddenly strikes me that these blog entries are a great way to mark the time for this. It feels like this has been going on forever already, SURELY I deserve a beer or something, but then I go to write this and, no, it's only been six days. And also, on the other hand, way to go, six DAYS! I've eaten out; I've conceived and cooked a delicious meal for my aunt and uncle, who are not on this diet, who never would have known about it had I not told them; I've been prepared for meals and had enough options on hand that I wasn't scrambling for something. It's been a good six days. Let's do it four more times.

How I felt: Better this morning: it was much easier to get up. I actually woke up ahead of my alarm, which almost always puts me in a grouchy mood because I feel like I missed out on ten minutes of sleep, and today was no different. At least I was out of bed earlier than the past few days, though. Small headache in the morning again, but it didn't stick, and no others today that I recall. Sore neck is getting better, though there's still a trace of it. Skin all broken out though, getting worse each day, and I'm pretty peeved about that. I'm sure it'll get better, though.

Breakfast: Hardboiled egg and the last of the strawberries (those are SUCH good strawberries: we got a three-pack at the farmers market on Sunday and I've had a bowl every day since then). Venice Cold Brew vs our homemade stuff is a tough call, actually: they're a bit different, the VCB seems a bit stronger and to be made with beans that were slightly more roasted. Ours is made with a light roast and is a nice, easy drinker, almost reminiscent of iced tea (to me, who never drinks iced tea and doesn't see the point, so I'm probably not a great judge).

Lunch: Sweetgreen to the rescue: tried the Rad Thai and I have to say, it was quite good. Am looking forward to many more salads there in the coming weeks.

Dinner: Sauteed asparagus; spinach salad with sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette (I wanted to have dried cranberries in there too but couldn't find any without sugar); roasted potatoes; and baked bone-in chicken thighs with a mix of thyme, garlic, and lemon peel rubbed on under the skin. Everything was delicious, but the potatoes were the real standout, and my aunt asked me how to make them. The side on the pan got super crispy, almost caramelized, and they're probably one of the better batches I've ever made (and I've been making these for almost ten years). I need to find out what type of baking sheet she had, maybe that's part of why.

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