Monday, May 22, 2017

Whole30: Day 24

This is just a final slog at this point. When I suggested to Austin my revised Whole30 with one drink a day in order to keep from turning into a shitbasket, he was having none of it. "It's only one more week," he said. Ughhhh FIIIIIIIIINE. (See? Annoying moody teenager.)

How I felt: Mostly ok, until evening hit and I was in a shitty mood, mostly due to work, and then due to the fact that I really wanted a glass of wine and couldn't have one. And then I just wallowed, and Austin made dinner like the wonderful person he is.

Breakfast: Big bowl of strawberries, avocado with olive oil, and a hardboiled egg. And two cold brews. Ounce for ounce, I think ready made cold brew costs more than beer. That might explain why our grocery budget hasn't gone down much. (We're also buying a ton more meat: it's been the focal point of almost every single dinner. I can't think of one without it. We usually eat quite a bit more vegetarian.)

Lunch: A guacamole greens salad from Sweetgreen, with no tortilla chips and with jicama instead of onion. It was ok. I didn't love the dressing (but ordered the salad in the first place because I have a friend who orders it specifically because of the dressing). Will go back to the Rad Thai salad next time, I think.

Dinner: Probably my favorite Sunbasket meal to date: it's called Korean beef skewers with apple cabbage slaw. Skewers because you could put the ground beef that's in them on skewers, but... that would be harder to cook. We just ate them as little burger patties. The cabbage apple slaw was good, and the sauce really made it, though there wasn't enough of it. (Fortunately, we had more of its composite ingredients, so I just added a bit more of each.)

I also had some apple chips before dinner (surprisingly good: they kind of reminded me of Terra chips, actually), while I was still being a shitbasket. And then I made some crispy kale that I proceeded to eat as a snack after dinner. Loved that far more than I expected to: something about the earthiness reminded me of the finish on a really good, french oak barrel-aged cabernet or zin or pinot. Or maybe I just miss that so badly that I'll "find" it almost anywhere, though I don't think that's the case. I don't even get that with wine all that often: it's what sets apart the ones I really love.

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