Friday, May 19, 2017

Whole30: Day 21

I am so over this. I miss cheese on salad. I miss beer. I miss wine. And I don't know if I'm going to make it. I'm doing some serious bargaining in my head: like, if the only context in which I have dairy is a handful of blue cheese crumbles on a cobb salad to make it not be a sob salad, surely that's ok. If I continue everything as-is but add in a single beer or glass of wine with dinner (and of course the cheese on the salad), surely that's ok. It's been three full weeks: if I was going to get the tiger blood thing, surely it would've shown up by now, and what is this whole exercise really for if not to see if there's a different way of consuming food and drink that improves my life? Because this, right now, is not improvement. It's almost improvement: there's a huge swath of food that I'm not eating that I don't even miss, actually. But I am fucking tired of drinking nothing but sparkling water and kombucha in the evening, and the resentment is really overshadowing the focus on the other benefits. 

I'm in bed before 10 again because I'm bored.

How I felt: FINE. 

Breakfast: Big bowl of strawberries, cold brew, and a single scrambled egg because it was our last raw egg. We have been eating a TON of eggs.

Lunch: Rad Thai salad with avocado from Sweetgreen.

Dinner: Sunbasket again: a smoky turkey chili with a side of jicama sticks tossed in lime juice and oil (I think: Austin made dinner, bless him). It was pretty good. Would eat again. Will hopefully avoid burning my tongue next time. 

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