Monday, May 01, 2017

Whole30: Day 3

I find I'm developing a taste for sparkling water, which I never liked much previously. I dislike it greatly as a replacement for water (I really love plain ol' water), but it's fine as a replacement for a Diet Coke or as a beverage simply to mix things up so I'm not ONLY drinking water. Much as I love it, a little variety is essential. There's free sparkling water in the fridge at work, which is nice, so I alternate sipping on that--Crystal Geyser lemon or something--and my thermos of water.

How I felt: Woke up super groggy, which isn't common: tired, yes, but groggy, no. Felt better after breakfast and fine all day, though a mild headache in the afternoon and again after dinner. Super tired and ready to go to sleep now at 10:30.

Breakfast: same thing as yesterday: that amazing breakfast sausage patty, some sliced avocado drizzled with olive oil and a dash of salt, and a fried egg that turned out much better today (heat was too high yesterday), along with two big cups of the homemade cold brew, which is pretty solid, and costs a fraction of what the pre-made stuff does.

Lunch: Made myself a couple salade nicoises on Sunday because they strike me as being able to travel fairly well, and I'm glad to say that was the case (though I hope the conference room I scarfed it down in doesn't have the lingering smell of egg and/or tuna). Cooked the potato and green beans ahead of time and tossed them with some dressing and mixed in half a can of tuna; at lunch today, added a couple handfuls of spinach, the egg, and more dressing, and it worked out pretty well. Looking forward to having the same tomorrow.

Dinner: Austin made us roasted eggplant, broiled broccolini and sauteed salmon. And it was good. Had the rest of the GT mojito kombucha after dinner as a digestif.

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